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美國清教徒改革宗神學院(PRTS)與改革宗神學院(CRTS)合作的神碩課程將於明年2020年一月起在台北開課。我們現在開放申請入學(見下)。我們建議希望上明年一月 Dr. Daniel Timmer 的以賽亞書課程的同學在2019年10月15號之前申請入學。

PRTS in Asia 是PRTS在台北提供的神碩課程(明年將由美國ATS協會認證)。我們提醒申請入學的同學們,除了須要達到PRTS Th.M.入學資格,PRTS in Asia也對學生有每堂課在台北4週的在地學習要求。我們也將確認入學生得到所服事教會或機構的支持。


PRTS in Asia application:

· Apply at the PRTS Th.M. application website: Please take care to input “applying for PRTS in Asia” under “Additional Information” at the bottom of the application form.

· After your application has been processed, CRTS will contact you for further information and an interview. Among the additional items we will ask for are a statement from your church or seminary concerning your future relationship with them, and a commitment to fulfill the PRTS in Asiaresidency requirement (about 4 weeks/course in Taipei).

· PRTS uses rolling admission for its Th.M. program. We recommend that those who wish to attend thePRTS in Asia 2020 January class on Isaiah apply before Oct. 15, 2019.

· Scholarships are available, especially for students whose seminary is committed to hiring them after they graduate.

· All PRTS in Asiacourses will be taught in English, and there is a TOEFL requirement of 85 (IELTS 6.5) for the program. Applicants with a TOEFL score of 70 or above can apply, and they will have one year to raise their TOEFL score to 85. CRTS will offer a 2-week intensive TOEFL class in Taipei, and PRTS will also offer an online English Enhancement Course. While studying for the TOEFL, students will be allowed to take two PRTS in Asia classes during the year. For those who do noteventually reach the 85 level, the class(es) they pass during the year can be transferred to the CRTS Th.M. program.

· PRTS is in the process of applying for ATS (Association of Theological Schools) accreditation for this PRTS in Asia program.

· For more information, please see:

· For further inquiries, please contact PRTS in Asia Th.M. admission coordinator Tim Kao at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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