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美國清教徒改革宗神學院(PRTS)與改革宗神學院(CRTS)合作的神碩課程計劃將由2020年一月起在台北開課。PRTS in Asia 目前計劃在2020年提供的三堂課程分別為:


  1. 2020年一月:Isaiah (BS), by Dr. Daniel Timmer, 美國清教徒改革宗神學院教授。
  2. 2020 年五月:Justification by Faith (BS), by Dr. Guy Waters, 美國改革宗神學院教授。
  3. 2020年六月:Biblical Typology (BS), by Dr. Vern Poythress, 美國西敏神學院教授。


我們在近期內會陸續更新最新相關消息。我們鼓勵所有考慮加入 PRTS in Asia 的同學們開始準備報名資料。以下是有關 PRTS in Asia 的最新細節:


Program Goal


PRTS has always been a mission-minded institution with a unique vision: Instead of sending out missionaries, PRTS is committed to take in and train students from the mission field, who will then go back out to the mission field as Reformed ministers and teachers. PRTS in Asia is the broadening out of that vision, taking top-flight theological education into the mission field. With the Lord’s blessings, PRTS in Asia will train evangelistically committed, theologically Reformed-minded teachers to serve in the Asia region for the future. The standard will be rigorous (same as PRTS in Grand Rapids), but our commitment is high. We want to see best-equipped teachers in Asia’s churches and seminaries.


PRTS is applying for the Association of Theological Schools ( accreditation for this program in Taipei.


Program Content


PRTS in Asia courses are the same as or equivalent to those offered by PRTS in Grand Rapids, taught by PRTS Ph.D. program faculty and professors from other US Reformed seminaries such as WTS and RTS. Two areas of concentration will be offered: Biblical Studies (BS) and Reformation and Post-Reformation Theology (RPRT). We aim to provide six courses a year in Taipei, to be evenly divided between BS and RPRT offerings. Students are expected to complete all required Th.M. courses in three years. For those who can devote more time and travel to the US, an accelerated track is possible. For the coming first year in 2020, we will be offering three courses:


    1. January 2020:Isaiah (BS), by Dr. Daniel Timmer, PRTS.
    2. May 2020:Justification by Faith (BS), by Dr. Guy Waters, RTS.
    3. June 2020:Biblical Typology (BS), by Dr. Vern Poythress, WTS.


Program for Whom?


PRTS in Asia is a Master of Theology (Th.M.) program. Its modular/intensive-class format is designed to accommodate those already working in the ministry. Those who attend will be expected to spend about a total of three months a year for three years on site in Taipei. In addition to already having an M.Div. degree, English proficiency is a must for the student, as all courses will be taught in English. To maintain the quality of the instruction, we do not plan to offer Chinese translation for most of the courses – it would be as if you were attending classes in Grand Rapids.


You may ask yourself: Do I have a heart to be better trained in a confessionally Reformed context in order to teach God’s people better? Can I handle the language requirement? Can I spend three months a year in Taipei for three years? Do I have the time and commitment to put in the effort to complete the coursework while serving my people back home? Does the church or the institution I currently serve support me in this? If you can answer, “Yes” to the above, then we strongly urge you to apply.


We want those who enroll in PRTS in Asia to succeed, therefore we will be selective with the applicants. There are a limited number of slots available, and we will give priority to those who are called to teach in a Reformed seminary in Asia.


Program Requirements


The admission and academic requirements are the same as PRTS. Please see: More details about PRTS in Asia application will be forthcoming shortly.


Non-native English-speaking students will need a TOEFL score of 85 as part of the admission requirement. (CRTS will provide intensive TOEFL study course for those who need it. More details to come.)


Students will be required to spend about three weeks in Taipei for each course. This means students will have to spend about three months a year in Taiwan for three years. Students should expect to make maximum of three trips to Taipei each year for the duration of the three-year program. CRTS will provide students with visas.


Program Costs


The tuition for the program is NT6,000 per credit. PRTS Th.M. program requires 30 credits to complete.


The tuition for the 2-week intensive TOEFL class in Taipei is NT18,000.


CRTS will provide residency in Taipei for out-of-town students at NT4,500 per week. Students can expect to spend about NT150 per meal in Taipei (of course one can always find cheaper options in this city).


The application fee is US50.




Scholarships are available for students who will teach at Reformed seminaries in Asia. Students applying for scholarship should provide proof of commitment from the institution he or she plans to serve in the future.




With the first class scheduled to start in January 2020, we are now getting ready to accept applications. The application deadline is Oct. 15, 2019 (start getting everything together now!). Application requirements are identical to those of PRTS Th.M. program, plus the TOEFL requirement. See:


If you wish to take the intensive TOEFL course, please let us know now. More details on application will come soon. Please check back with us.


If you are considering applying, we strongly encourage you to contact our admission coordinator Tim Kao. He will keep you updated as we work out all the details.




Tim Kao, PRTS in Asia Th.M. Admissions Coordinator

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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