We thank God for our partners in ministry support: the Reformed Theological Association, the Taiwan Reformed Presbyterian Church Presbytery, the Friends of CRTS (USA), the CRTS Alumni Association, Overseas Chinese, Mission to the World (PCA), Asian Theological Association (accrediting agency). Praise God for his continual provision for the spiritual, financial and personnel needs of CRTS through your prayers and generous giving.  


新的一年,請您在禱告中依舊紀念改革宗神學院:Please pray for the spring 2018 semester at CRTS:

  1. 請為改革宗神學院長遠的發展代禱,特別為我們的老師們和學校的空間禱告,因為學生人數日益增長(七十位全修生)、圖書館藏書也日益增多。Pray for long-term planning for CRTS development of faculty and space due to our annually increasing student body (70 full time students) and a growing library.

  2. 繼續為我們的新老師錢慕恆禱告,目前也是他清教徒改革宗神學院神學博士課程的第一年,除了要面對極重的讀書和報告,此外還有在本校的任教和家庭中的許多責任。Pray for new faculty member Chee Moh Herng in his first year of PhD studies. The requirements for reading and writing are very intense in addition to his CRTS teaching and family responsibilities

  3. 請為本校專任教師楊敦興更有聖靈的智慧的能力,因他也擔任本校神學生實習主任,需要監管五十多位同學的校外實習。他目前也與他的妻子在板橋植堂,偕同本校道碩畢業生鄭敦仁及他的妻子蘇智敏開拓禾場。Pray for Pastor Toon Yeo to have the Spirit's wisdom and strength faculty member, as intern supervisor of over 50 students, and church planter with his wife in BanChiao, together with a CRTS graduate DuenRen and his wife ChihMin.

  4. 請為本校今年度將再次接受亞洲神學協會(ATA)的評鑑流程,以更新我們的認證。現在已經展開資料收集的工作,盼望能如期完成給評鑑委員們的報告。Pray for the ATA accreditation renewal process that starts this month and culminates with a visit from the accrediting team next spring.

  5. 為著改革宗神學院的財務能夠持續獲得足夠支持,向神祈求。Pray for God's continual supply for the finances of CRTS.

  6. 為著我們改革宗的相關機構代禱:Pray for our partner organizations:

    A) 求神保守改革宗網路電視台(CRTS.TV)能永續經營並獲得財務上的供應,使得員工們能夠不虞匱乏。更願神保守他們傳播改革宗神學教導與講道的事工、得以持續影響華人世界。Pray for the on-going work and financial provision for CRTS.TV staff as their ministry of broadcasting Reformed teaching and preaching continues to impact the Chinese people around the world.

    B) 求神保守珍愛家庭中心,有足夠的同工以及財務上的供應,使得它們得以繼續開設洋蔥讀書會、講座、輔導諮商、並使用《人如何改變》一書培訓輔導員。除此之外,也將藉由葉提多牧師的新書─上帝的榮耀整合改革宗神學觀的根基《基礎篇》,開辦一系列神學訓練課程。Pray for the staff and financial provision for FCC as they progress with book studies, seminars, counseling, a new counselor training course using How People Change, and start counseling theology training with a new Chinese translation of Dr. Yates' book called.

    C) 求神繼續賜福改革宗出版社,使他們的財務不虞匱乏,讓他們的同工能不斷地翻譯、出版、發行,並將優秀的改革宗書籍帶到世界各地。Pray for continuing blessing and financial provision for the Reformed Press Co. as they continue to translate, publish and distribute excellent Reformed books worldwide.
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