We thank God for our partners in ministry support: the Reformed Theological Association, the Taiwan Reformed Presbyterian Church Presbytery, the Friends of CRTS (USA), the CRTS Alumni Association, Overseas Chinese, Mission to the World (PCA), Asian Theological Association (accrediting agency). Praise God for his continual provision for the spiritual, financial and personnel needs of CRTS through your prayers and generous giving.  


新的一年,請您在禱告中依舊紀念改革宗神學院:Please pray for the spring 2020 semester at CRTS:


  1. 改革宗神學院CRTS的遠距學生們對目前形式上的改善反應良好,這些改善包含每週進行的線上小組禱告會,及課程中與老師會面、問問題的時間。Our distance learning students have expressed their thanks for all the improvements we've made in online learning format with weekly online small groups for discussion and prayer as well as meetings with teachers.

  2. 清教徒改革宗神學院已經開始與改革宗神學院CRTS合作,提供經認可、以英語授課的神碩課程。Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary has started to offer accredited ThM courses at CRTS as a satellite campus, with courses taught in English.

  3. 麥安迪牧師(Dr. Andrew McCafferty)擔任改革宗神學院CRTS遠程教學主任及負責清教徒改革宗神學院PRTS神碩課程的聯絡。目前開始對遠距教學系統和硬體進行許多改進,並積極為神碩課程招收新學生。Dr. Andrew McCafferty as Dean of Distance Learning and coordinator for PRTS courses is making many improvements to the online technology systems and hardware, as well as recruiting new students for the ThM.

  4. 改革宗神學院CRTS從今年2020春季開始提供遠程學習學生新的大學線上課程。CRTS is offering new BTh online courses for distance learning students this spring.



  1. 為錢慕恆(Rev. Chee MohHerng)牧師禱告。錢牧師希望在2020年12月完成在清教徒改革宗神學院PRTS的博士學位研究,並在2021年回到台北,於改革宗神學院CRTS任教。Pray for Pastor Chee MohHerng as he hopes to complete his residential PhD studies at PRTS in December 2020 and return to Taipei to teach at CRTS in 2021.

  2. 為珍愛家庭輔導中心禱告。珍愛家庭輔導中心今年將為神學院的聖經輔導碩士計畫更完整的實習課程。Pray for Family Counseling Center as they develop a better biblical counseling internship this year for our MABC program.

  3. 為神學院有新的神學生實習主任兼教會合作聯絡負責人禱告。Pray for provision of new Dean for our internship programs.

  4. 為我們持續增加的財務需求禱告。增加新同工的同時也增加了神學院的財務需求。Pray for provision for our on-going financial needs. Adding new staff has created a greater need for more donations.

  5. 請為我們的師生能以身作則,宣講和施行公義君王的國度禱告。Pray for our teachers and students to exemplify, proclaim and administer Christ's righteous kingdom.

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