麥安迪牧師(Rev. Andrew McCafferty)


University of Pittsburgh B.S. in Mathematics(1977)
Pittsburgh Theological Seminary M.Div.(1980)
McGill University, Canada Philosophical Studies(1980-82)
University of Pittsburgh Ph.D. in Philosophy(1987)

1987-92 路易斯安那州立大學哲學系專任教授
1992-96 道生神學院專任教師
1996-97 本院和中華福音神學院兼任教師,基督教美門堂宣教士
1997年起 本院專任教師及教務主任
2008年起 本院兼任教師,基督教改革宗宏恩堂主任牧師
2014年起 任CRTS 董事會董事長

著作:"Calvin and Insignifying Grounds", Faith and Philosophy, Vol 11, No. 1, Jan 1994; "Speaker Plans, Linguistic Contexts and Indirect Speech Acts" in Knowledge Representation and Defeasible Reasoning, Kluger Academic Publishers, 1991; Dichotomy: "The Orthodox View of Human Constitution", China and Gospel, Jan 2003; "Warfield, Calvin and the Testimony of the Holy Spirit" in God's Fiery Challenger for Our Time, Festschrift in honor of Stephen Tong, Reformed Center for Religion and Society, Jakarta, 2007; 〈恩斯的《默示與道成肉生》:對其雄辯法的異議〉,《聖經真的沒有錯嗎?》,台北,中華福音神學院,2013年。

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