We thank God for our partners in ministry support: the Reformed Theological Association, the Taiwan Reformed Presbyterian Church Presbytery, the Friends of CRTS (USA), the CRTS Alumni Association, Overseas Chinese, Mission to the World (PCA), Asian Theological Association (accrediting agency). Praise God for his continual provision for the spiritual, financial and personnel needs of CRTS through your prayers and generous giving.  


新的一年,請您在禱告中依舊紀念改革宗神學院:Please pray for the spring 2017 semester at CRTS:

  1. 為新的全職教師錢慕恆(台北改革宗神學院道學碩士、美南浸信會神學院神學碩士)向天父祈求,使他能適應在改革宗神學院教導新約及神學的課程。同時,他將尋求在台灣改革宗長老會宏恩堂按牧,並預備繼續申請他的博士研究。也為他的家人能再次適應台灣的生活禱告(他們曾經在慕恆於本校攻讀道學碩士時居住過台灣)。Pray for new full time faculty member Chian MuHeng (MDiv CRTS, ThM SBTS) as he adjusts to teaching New Testament and Theology at CRTS, pursues ordination in the Taiwan Reformed Presbyterian Church, applies for PhD studies and for his family as they adjust to living in Taipei with again (they all lived here during his MDiv studies).

  2. 為本校的執行董事們在預備今年五月所召開的年度的董事會禱告。在董事會中將提出所有關於教義、教職員、學校制度、方針等重大議案,也將檢視並通過行政委員會所提出的決定案。Pray for wisdom for the executive board as they prepare the annual board meeting agenda and for the CRTS board members as they meet May 26. (All the major decision related to the doctrine, faculty, policies and direction of the seminary are made by the board or, if decisions have been made by the faculty or the administrative committee, those decisions must be reviewed and approved by the board).

  3. 為著本校全體老師、同工及學生們禱告,祈求上帝賜下智慧、做主工的能力及聖靈中的喜樂在祂的聖潔中。Pray for wisdom, energy for the Lord's work and the Spirit's pleasure in the holiness of all the faculty, staff and students.

  4. 祈求上帝惠賜改革宗神學院的收入及奉獻得以持續供應我們一切所需,在維持和建造的事上。Pray that CRTS' income from donations will continue to supply the needs we have for maintaining and for building up this work.

  5. 祈求五六月間有五門密集課及神碩課程,能成為上帝祝福學生及他們的教會群體的管道,使渴慕真道的人更多地因著認識基督和祂的恩典而成長。Pray that the five May-June mini-classes will be a blessing to students and those in the church community who desire further growth in the grace and knowledge of Christ.

  6. 求神使改革宗神學院與在地的好鄰居保持好的合作,使我們手中的事工能成為彼此的祝福,包括:改革宗出版社、白馬驛站、珍愛家庭中心、改革宗電視台、改革宗宏恩堂。另外,我們也盼望跟唐崇榮國際佈道團及東亞的許多福音培訓點有好的合作。CRTS maintaining good cooperation with our on-site partner ministries and for each of our ministries to be a mutual blessing: Reformed Press & White Horse Inn, Family Counseling Center, CRTS.TV, Amazing Grace Reformed Presbyterian Church, as well as off-site cooperation with Stephen Tong Evangelistic Ministries International (STEMI) and various training sites in East Asia.


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